BelVEB Bank Annual Report 2013 in the light of the heritage of Francis Skaryna, the first book printer of the East Slavonic nations
Feeling deeply obligated to Francis Skaryna, in 2013 BelVEB Bank launched an ambitious project of great importance to the whole Belarusian nation. The plan is to reproduce all the books printed by Francis Skaryna in facsimile form. Its completion is to mark the 500th anniversary
of the first Belarusian printed book.
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Annual report of BelVEB Bank

Francis Skaryna, the first book printer of the East Slavonic nations

Nowadays the books produced by Francis Skaryna, the first printer not only in Belarus, but in the whole East Slavonic region, are scattered all over the world. They are kept in dozens of libraries, both public and private, in many countries. At the same time, the Belarus National Library can boast only ten books printed by the great propagator of the written word. For this reason in 2013 BelVEB Bank undertook to reproduce all Skaryna’s heritage in facsimile editions.

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The Skaryna code

Play and learn! Francis Skaryna made a bold departure from the established church tradition by including his own portrait in the Bible — the first portrait of a book publisher in the history of world art. Let us take a close look at the picture, so that we can penetrate the system of its symbols that artists of the epoch used to present human traits, talents and aspirations. They could reveal the person’s individuality even better than his appearance.

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Annual report

Dear shareholders, customers and business partners,
We are pleased to submit to your attention our report on activities of BelVEB Bank OJSC in 2013

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Financial report

Please download the 2013 Annual Report of BelVEB Bank in a PDF format.